Greg Osterhaus

Greg Osterhaus



The oil paintings of Greg Osterhaus grace the private collections of individuals as well as commercial and corporate clients across the country. Greg entered Virginia Tech majoring in Architecture, he then transferred his major to Fine Arts and graduated in 1985 with a BA Fine Arts. Color and expression are the essence of any composition by this Southern artist

Greg has been capturing the nature and beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains in his paintings for more than 30 years. His love of mountain farms and estates continue to enrich his canvases as do his cow portraits. Cows originally were seen in the farm fields of many of his landscapes. As his work progressed and on closer examination the expressions of the cows became the major focus of portraiture. Greg says, "I absolutely love painting cows. The challenge is to make it interesting in terms of color, the hard and soft edges of the brush strokes, and the juxtaposition of light and dark. It's a myriad of hundreds of decisions and variables an artist makes that eventually and naturally take on a life of their own.

Greg is living in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia with his wife and family, where Osterhaus continues his love affair with painting

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