Lynell Hilt

Lynell Hilt



Lynchburg, VA

Inspired by her mother, who was an accomplished painter, Lynell attended the Philadelphia Museum College of Art.  She graduated with her BFA in 1969 and has been an artist all of her life. Lynell started working in crafts, attending the American Craft Council shows, including the Reinbeck show in New York Lynell made macramé jewelry, 3-D fabric forms, and wall hangings.

Over the years, Lynell gravitated to silver and copper jewelry, including antique trade beads, wire wrap, and semi-precious stones. Living in Sedona Arizona was a delightful time, offering many great galleries to show my work, as well as great studio workshop opportunities. I love working in clay and casting. The castings of my handmade tiles are now present in my “Nature Series” work. After moving to Lynchburg in 2012 her jewelry line continued and is now exploring 3-D wall art again. After years of hunting objects, looking at nature, and exploring antique stores, Lynell has a large collection of items that are calling her to bring them together. She and her husband share studio space and often collaborate on ideas and concepts.

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