Rudy Hilt

Rudy Hilt



Lynchburg, VA

Over the years Rudy has designed buildings, furniture, interiors as well as consulting for organizations, developers, universities and retail environments. Rudy’s artistic endeavors include, drawing, painting, photography, digital artwork and some work in film making. He graduated with my BFA from the Philadelphia Museum College of art and received a Master’s degree in Fine Art from the Tyler School at Temple University in 1972. An active artist all his life, the past few years his attention has turned fully to painting, drawing and digital art.

Rudy likes working with acrylic paint over Venetian Plaster. The plaster allows light to reflect through transparent layers of color with a dramatic result. Rudy likes to work in a series of images, all based on a theme. He selects a color and textural palette and an idea for expression. My current themes are “Stone and Water”, “Sedona Memories”, and “Ancient Walls”. Rudy and wife Lynell spend their days in a common studio in Lynchburg Virginia and enjoy supporting each other’s efforts, as they have done for the last 55 years.

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