Melissa Malone

Melissa Malone


As a native Virginian Melissa has spent a great deal of time collecting moments and objects from the coast to the mountains. Her works represent the vast beauty found in the nostalgia of cracked wood, plush pastoral animals, weathered coastal ropes, rusting hardware, and the vibrant beauty of spring buds.

Melissa works primarily in an acrylic blend with metallic elements to create luminescent layers that build her subjects as if they were three dimensional. Each subject, whether animal, mechanical, or natural is treated as a portrait, giving power to the object, capturing the feel, or the nostalgia of the moment.  She sees importance in the negative space, and how it contributes to the subject’s strength within the canvas, giving the smallest of items a powerful stance.


Melissa was raised on the coast of Virginia, and currently resides in Charlottesville with her husband, Justin and their two children.

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